Solves iOS Not Connect to Wired Computer

It’s been two years I had trouble connect Remote app to my desktop computer. Today, I finally found the source of the problem and with the new iOS5, I can also sync my iPad wirelessly over Wi-Fi to my iTunes.

The problem was that Remote app can see library of the computer that connect to the router over Wi-Fi, but it can not see the one that connect on the wire to the router. At first, I thought it was something to do with firewall, but after triple check, it’s come down to “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” on my router. If you have the same problem, especially when you try to use the new wireless sync on iOS5 but not success, here’s the solution:


Do check the basic troubleshooting first. If it’s still not working, login to your router and go to the manual wireless setup. Disable “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” and restart your router. When the router come back online, you should be able to connect your iDevices to the wired computer.

I went through so many posts on the forums, but many suggests that it’s all because of the firewall. It’s appear that there also one more thing to look for in the router.

What is Wi-Fi Protected Setup?

Wi-Fi Protected Setup allows user who has absolute no knowledge about Wi-Fi network to connect their devices to the Wi-Fi by using PIN or push a button. However, it’s appear to be conflict with how iTunes connect to the wireless devices.

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